Genova – Parco del Ponte Valpolcevera

"Il Parco del Polcevera e il Cerchio Rosso" (this is the title of the winning project drawn up by Stefano Boeri Architetti's team/Metrogramma/Inside Outside with Mobility in Chain, Transsolar, Tempo Riuso, H&A Associati, L. Gatti, L. Vitone), provides for theurban regeneration of the "under bridge" area through the construction of an infrastructure for pedestrian connection and distribution of energy produced from renewable sources, the "red circle", of the different parts of the valley, a system of parks connected to the mending of urban parts and services and a functional mixité designed to mend the current uneven scenario, which identifies the area of the long Polcevera as a new technological and innovative production pole and a new sports center in the east.

Valpolcevera area sotto ex Ponte Morandi - Genova (GE)


Property types
Areas in transformation
Permitted uses
Commercial, Healthcare/Senior Housing, Industrial/logistic, Office, Other Functions, Parking Area, Residential, SPA/Wellness, Sport, leisure, events, Student House
Land area (m²)
680,000 m²

Definition: Calls for tenders for design and building permits; agreements and understandings with entities.
State: Within the area there are state property, municipal property, owned companies, owned by Ferrovie dello Stato.
Programmes: Measures for the reconstruction of the collapsed bridge; Urban Plan for sustainable mobility;
State funds: PON METRO

Total scope of intervention 68 ha.
Park 24 ha.
Sports areas 1.5 ha
Wind Tower: 114 wind turbines total height 120 meters.
Total length of the "Red Circle" route 1570 meters, max width 6 meters, radius 250
There are 42839 sqm of demolitions, 42767 sqm of redevelopment and 68900 sqm of
new buildings.
The functional program within the neighborhood is defined through a series of attractors
ranging from the market to the residence up to sports, accommodation and commercial
realities aimed at the integration and the generation of attractiveness of users from
neighboring areas.
The architecture is conceived as a permeable system in which all levels of the city find
space and interact with the landscape and host the public space. Along the right bank
of T.Polcevera is planned the realization of an innovative and smart technological pole
(Green Factory) that will host the major landmarks of productivity and innovation (BIC
and IIT) sewn with the surrounding territory thanks to the "red circle" and a functional
A logistics mix will be activated on the left bank. Commercial activities and services
related to the life of the neighborhood.
The aim of the project is to rebuild an urban system that overcomes the fragmentation
that exists today.

Val Polcevera plays an important role as a link with the European networks.
Its territory is in fact home to the most important existing rail, road and motorway infrastructures aimed at connections beyond the Apennines and developed along the coastal strip.
The valley is also served by a public transport system connected to the municipal metro line with terminus in Brin.
The reference framework of the infrastructure planning system is the current Municipal Urban Plan and the recent Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan, which develop and update its objectives:
– Construction of the Third Railway Crossing Point;
– Reorganization of the Genoa Railway Node;
– Construction of the Alessandria – Genoa metropolitan railway service on the Scrivia – Polcevera route;
– Reorganisation and upgrading of the Motorway Node and construction of the Western Eaves;
– Completion of the sea road network between San Benigno and Multedo.
In this general framework along the left bank of the Polcevera Valley, where the
residential settlement is developing, the project in progress for the extension of the
municipal underground line from Brin to Rivarolo, to interconnect with the underground railway (new station planned in the “Red Circle”).


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ICE - Italian Trade Agency

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Genova – Parco del Ponte Valpolcevera Floorplan