Napoli – Corso Lucci

The redevelopment area is located within the boundaries of the "Napoli Centrale" railway station, in the centre of Naples, close to the urban heart of the city. The project, due to its central location, is one of the most significant development plans for Naples, with enormous potential to improve the city and the territory.

Corso Arnaldo Lucci - Napoli (NA)


Property types
Buildable area
Permitted uses
Office, Residential
Land area (m²)
140,000 m²
Risk profile

The area owned by FS Sistemi Urbani is located in a central area, adjacent to the Naples HS station, close to the stations of the subway lines that run to the main attractions of the Neapolitan city and adjacent to the bus terminal for local public transport outside the city. FS Sistemi Urbani is developing with EAV (local railway line management company) a project for the transport redesign and urban development of the intermodal node in Piazza Garibaldi. The urban uses resulting from this process of general redevelopment foresee the inclusion of strategic urban functions next to the areas of transport interchange through the development of residential, commercial and leisure/tertiary volumes, improving and completing the present urban structure.

The redevelopment area is located in the Municipality of Naples (978,399 inhabitants), which is the capital of the province (3,118,149 inhabitants) and of the Campania region (5,861,529 inhabitants), and is the third largest city in Italy in terms of residents. The area is within the perimeter of the Napoli Centrale High-speed railway station, between Corso Lucci, Via G. Ferraris and the railway tracks. The presence of the city’s largest transport interchange centre, including the railway station, the metropolitan railway station and the urban and suburban bus terminal, ensure a central importance for the redevelopment plan in terms of the future layout of the city. Excellent car access is assured by the nearby A-3 motorway (Napoli- Reggio Calabria), which begins close to the station.


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