Narni – Explosives Plant «Former S.P.E.A.» – Former Carburo

Part of the larger building complex called "Ex S.P.E.A." characterised by artefacts of industrial archaeology

loc. Narni Scalo, strada Sant’Anna, s.n.c. - 05035 Narni (TR)


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The former Carburo is a part the larger building complex Ex S.P.E.A. It is the part in which the “large structures” of the historic establishment are found, built in the early 1900s (1906-1908) for the most part unchanged in the original forms and simply re-adapted or in some cases enlarged.

Then there are three high-rise residential and two-storey buildings with two and three floors above ground, used as offices and staff quarters, and the heating system. This part of the complex is completed by various minor structures, including two piezometric towers, electrical substations, small warehouses and tanks.

In January 1940 the Ministry of the Navy expropriated the former “Carburo della Soc. Terni” of Narni Scalo inactive since 1929 and a large area of adjacent agricultural land, to adapt an explosives plant. The transformation was entrusted to the S.P.E.A.- Società Prodotti Esplodenti Autarchici which, in addition to adapting existing buildings, provided for the construction of other buildings. The disposal of the Navy complex began during the seventies and was completed only in 2007.

The building complex is located in the locality of Sant’Anna in the municipality of Narni, near the hamlet of Narni Scalo, which begins along the road axis of Via Tuderte, around the railway station which is about 2.4 km from the city centre and about 10 km from Terni.

It is well connected to the outside road network: nearby, at the motorway junction of Orte dell’A1, at State Road 3 “Flaminia” there are numerous connecting bridges such as the Terni-Orte motorway junction.

The context immediately adjacent to the former Spea is purely agricultural, even if located at the edge of an industrial area developed around the railway station between the 19th and 20th centuries.


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Narni – Explosives Plant «Former S.P.E.A.» – Former Carburo Floorplan