Roma Tiburtina – Area to be enhanced

Area to be enhanced, with executive, commercial, tourist and accommodation and cultural destinations of use, located around the perimeter of the high-speed station of Roma Tiburtina, which is one of the most significant redevelopment areas under construction in Rome.
The area to be enhanced is about 92 hectares of buildable lots with some buildings to be demolished.


Property types
Buildable area
Permitted uses
Other Functions, Commercial, Industrial/logistic, Residential, Hotel and leisure
Land area (m²)
945,000 m²
Total GIA (m²)

The urban area around the new High Speed station Roma Tiburtina has been object of a Programme Agreement between FS Group and Roma Capitale, that provides for the realization of important infrastructures and strategic functions. FS Sistemi Urbani has already sold a first lot on the east side to the bank BNL, that has built there its new national headquarters, a second lot to the University La Sapienza, that will build there a new department, and the lot C1 where a new hotel will be erected.

In December 2020 the Development Plan has been modified according to the Understanding named “Cura del Ferro”, signed between Roma Capitale and Gruppo FS in July 2018. The mentioned Understanding provides for an innovative development of the entire area, with the concentration of the building rights of Gruppo FS to the eastern side (Pietralata-Tiburtino) and the redistribution of the others, involving a gross area of 292.121 sqm destined to the construction of a new modern district. The new district shall consist of buildings with different destinations of use along the railway (height permitted up to 90 m), a large, equipped park connected to the district Bologna by a pedestrian bridge, and a new suburban bus station.

Please note that the area is subject of a proposed urbanistic variant, currently under evaluation.

The area is in the north-east sector of Rome, between the districts Nomentano and Pietralata, and is easily reachable by rail (high-speed trains, regional trains, and underground line B), by car and by regional and local buses (highway A24); it is therefore a strategic transport interchange hub. It has been deeply redeveloped in the last years, with improvement of infrastructures, public transport, and services (high speed station, orbital road, new traffic circulation and car parks).

The neighbouring urban fabric on the west side is mainly residential, commercial and tertiary, with activities bound to the University of La Sapienza and to the General Hospital Umberto I.

The eastern sector, along Via Tiburtina, is the typical residential and commercial outskirts, with deeply modernizable areas.

ACE 1.1
33300 m²
ACE 1.2
24550 m²
ACE 1.3
35000 m²
ACE 1.4
30000 m²
ACE 2.1
19021 m²
ACE 2.2
23550 m²
ACE 2.3
35000 m²
ACE 2.4
35000 m²


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