S. Giorgio di Lomellina (PV) – Former Warehouse

The site, S. Giorgio’s former warehouse, was built in the 40-50’s and has been abandoned for a couple of years; it was used for activities linked with the Ente Nazionale Risi (National Rice Agency) . It’s made up of a warehouse with porches, offices, the custodian’s apartment and agricultural areas, and it’s in a poor condition. The site could be redeveloped into a commercial building or into an industrial storehouse.

V. San Bernardo - 27020 S. Giorgio di Lomellina (PV)


Property types
Other types
Permitted uses
Land area (m²)
10,036 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Number of units
Building lots: n.1 urban unit and n.3 agricultural units
Contracts and limitations


Year of construction
State of maintenance and repair
To be refurbished/valorized
Occupation status
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The property consists of a warehouse with a surface area of 1.572 m² with porches of 210 m², a smaller storehouse of 400 m², a drying area of 100 m², the office area of 150 m² and the custodian’s apartment of 228 m². It also includes land of 7.366 m², of which 5.248 m² are agricultural areas and 2.118 m² are courtyards. The buildings are all in cement and bricks. The original covering was in cement-asbestos fibre and has been completely dismantled and disposed of lawfully. The warehouses and the drying storehouse covering porches have arched rooves supported by metal beams. The storage part is made up of two areas raised about a metre above ground and separated one from the other by two closed corridors with metal doors. The offices are at the front of the biggest warehouse and they are on two floors. The apartment building has two flats, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor, with a terrace of about 100 m². The annexed agricultural land hasn’t been farmed for years and it’s divided into two areas, with a trench used for irrigation. The estate is in complete neglect, with the presence of machinery used for rice production. It’s located in an industrial area.

The site is located outside of San Giorgio di Lomellina (pop. 1.196), in the province of Pavia (pop. 547.926), in an area where rice is cultivated. It’s on Via San Bernardo, that passes through the town, SP-211”della Lomellina”, that connects Lomello with Mortara (11 km away), where there’s Mortara’s Integrated Logistics Park (that covers a surface of 600.000 m², 300.000 m² of logistical and directional warehouses). The city of Vercelli is 40 km away, while Pavia is 35 km away. The “Gropello C. – Pavia Sud” toll-booth on the A-7 motorway (Autostrada dei Giovi) is 20 km away, while the “Casale Monferrato Nord” one on the A-26 motorway (“dei Trafori”) that connects Genoa to Switzerland is 34 km from the estate. In the area, there’s an active MSW landfill.


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S. Giorgio di Lomellina (PV) – Former Warehouse Floorplan