The site, already destined for use as residences, is located in the municipality of Sarzana, in Val di Magra, an area of great touristic interest near Lunigiana and Cinque Terre, location declared part of the Heritage of Humanity by Unesco in 1997. The property is ideal to undergo a residential requalification or to be transformed into tourist accommodation or commercial structure.

Località S. Caterina, Via Cisa Sud - 19038 Sarzana (SP)


Property type
Commercial, Residential
Land area (m²)
1,633 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Total GLA
Number of units
Total floors
Year of construction
State of maintenance and repair
To be refurbished
Occupation status
Risk profile

The complex is composed of a residential block of flats, built at the beginning of the century, a testimony to the area’s farming traditions, with an external area. The building has three floors above ground and stone walls, the attics and the roof have more or less completely collapsed and it’s partially been enveloped in vegetation. Currently, the property is cordoned off as it’s in ruins, the internal area is unusable while the external areas are in a state of complete abandon, covered by overgrowing plants. In the active PRG in 2008 the building was in the “30,4 MT” category –relics of prominence and testimonial value; the work permitted is: ordinary and extraordinary resotroation aimed to conserve, restore, amplify and change the number of the residential units while demolition and reconstruction are excluded; a 20% increase of the covered area is possible, to go from the current 1,375 m² to 1,650 m². The active PUC in the municipality of Sarzana allows the possibility to use the estate for healthcare, tourist accommodation or healthcare accommodation and commercial activities, while it is currently used for public residences, trades, services and macnhinery. The site has been declared as of no cultural interest according to article 12 of Legislative Decree n. 42/2004 – as noted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage prot. n. 24882 of 10/12/2012.

The site is situated in Saint Catherine, near the municipality of Sarzana (pop. 21,976), in the province of La Spezia (pop. 221,003). Between Via Cisa and Via S. Gottardo, the area has recently become a building development site with vast green areas, located near the new P. O. Bartholomew hopital, in proximity of the shopping centre “Centro Luna” and of the Saint Catherine Park Hotel. The building is 1 km away from Porta Parma, the pedestrian entrance to the historic centre of Sarzana, and 5 km from the “Sarzana” exit on the “Azzurro” motorway (A12), Genoa-Rome. The railway station FS, which connects La Spezia and Cinque Terre, Pira and Florence, is 3 km away. La Spezia is 16 km away, Cinque Terre is 30 km, Genoa is 100 km and Portofino is 80 km away. Nearly 555 m² in total, with most areas already in use as storage facilities/basements. Overall surface of about 545 m², with areas already in use as residences. Surface of about 275 m², with areas already in use as residences. The overall surface of about 1078 m² made up of courtyards and plots of land, on which there is a small fallen-down property, represents a single, regular body with a façade of about 20 m² that looks on to Via Cisa and another small façade on the roundabout.

Ground floor
Complessivi mq 555 circa, con locali in gran parte già ad uso deposito\cantina.
First floor
Superficie complessiva di circa mq 545, con locali già in uso residenziale.
Second floor
Superficie di circa 275 mq, con locali già in uso residenziale.
External storages
Superficie complessiva di circa 1078 mq, sono costituite da cortile e terreni adiacenti, sui quali insiste un piccolo manufatto semidiroccato, il tutto formante un unico corpo di configurazione regolare avente fronte di circa 20mq sulla Via Cisa ed altro piccolo fronte sulla rotatoria.


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