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The area for construction is located near the Port of Taranto where an intermodal transport infrastructure of national importance will be built. The development venture, due to its proximity to the port, the Container Terminal and the new Logistics Platform, represents an excellent opportunity for all companies interested in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, with significant advantages also linked to its inclusion in the Special Economic Zone for the Port of Taranto.

Area retro portuale tra SS 100 e SS 106-Taranto - Taranto (TA)

The Distripark project, promoted by the Ionian Sea Port Authority and other local authorities, aims at creating a logistics hub for the handling and distribution of goods, within the area adjacent to the international container shipping port of Taranto. The Consortium Company which has been created to manage the project has taken possession of a large section of the dryport area and intends to develop a greenfield investment for the creation of a logistics hub and services, including the building of warehouse and office facilities with 170,000 square meters of modular indoor surfaces. The project envisages the creation of an intermodal logistics hub capable of attracting and hosting various logistics companies, manufacturing and assembly services for industrial components and of establishing new traffic flows for the fully integrated management of the distribution chain of goods with the adoption of advanced technologies. The development project represents an excellent opportunity for investors and companies interested in Southern Europe due to its proximity to the shipping port of Taranto, within the area to be included in the forthcoming Special Economic Zone. In addition, the Taranto Port Authority is closing the agreement with the multinational Yilport Inc. which has won the contract for the management of the main container terminal and plans to relaunch container traffic to/from the port of Taranto by May 2019 and build it up to 1 million TEUs within the first year. The Distripark project is to be realized with the capital of private investors within the framework of a project finance initiative..

The Distripark is located near the Port of Taranto (pop. 199,561), main town of the Province (pop. 583.479) in the Puglia Region. Thanks to its geographical location, the Port plays a strategic role in Euro-Mediterranean trade and is crucial for Global Logistic Operators. The location of the Distripark near the multi-sector pier, the Taranto – Bari railway, the S.S. 100 and 106, and a few minutes from Grottaglie Airport, make it the ideal (and recognized) candidate for the launch of a common territorial strategy for the development of the area, for its ability to provide operators with indispensable connected infrastructures and services such as rail transport, capable of ensuring substantial economic benefits.

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