Turin – Former Tobacco Factory

The estate, a former tobacco factory, is located on the northern outskirts of Turin, in an area of great urban significance, between the historic hamlet of Regio Parco and the Po River, of major environmental and historical-building importance. It was built in 1700 and is restricted by MIBACT and is one of the oldest industrial sites in the city. The redevelopment of the site foresees residential (private and social housing and university homes), commercial and office purposes.

Corso Regio Parco - 10100 Torino (TO)


Property types
Areas in transformation, Historical building
Permitted uses
Other Functions, Commercial, Office, Parking Area, Residential
Land area (m²)
45,998 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Year of construction
Half eighteenth century
State of maintenance and repair
To be refurbished
Occupation status
Risk profile

The property covers an area of 90.000 m² and consists of industrial warehouses, service buildings, awnings and buildings with varying numbers of floors, from one to four. The Tobacco Factory (Regia Manifattura) is one of the oldest buildings used to work tobacco, on national territory and is one of the biggest industrial sites in Turin. The State Property Office and the Municipality of Turin, the owner’s of the estate, have written an agreement to restore the site it, to be carried out through a process of urban redevelopment, with the establishment of a mixture of functions, mainly consisting of a “Social Centre” (university homes and social housing) and of a “University Centre” (development and sport structures), as well as other compatible purposes (residences, commercial, tertiary). The inhabitable SLP is 87.000 m², with the possibility to increase this to 8.000 m² in the former Factory and to include a maximum of 5.000 m² from the former Fimit establishment to the former Tobacco Factory. It is under the following restrictions: historic-artistic, landscape-environmental, hydro-geological, area planning.

The estate is located on the north-eastern outskirts of Turin (pop. 896.773), capital of the Province with the same name and of the Piedmont Region, the 4th city in Italy for its resident population, and is 4 km from the historic centre. The neighbourhood is placed between Corso Regio Parco, Piazza Abba, Via Gabriele Rossetti, the Po River and the road to the Tobacco Factory, in the historic hamlet of Regio Parco, which is of great environmental importance. The surrounding urban fabric consists of a mixture of usages – residential, artisan and small factories, and the neighbouring Colletta Park, a vast green area with a lovely view on Turin’s hill and on the Superga Basilica. The area’s easily accessible both by car and by public transport. The “Turin Porta Susa” high velocity railway station is about 6 km from the estate, while the “Porta Nuova” station is 5 km away. The international airport “Turin Caselle” (4 millions of passengers in 2016) is 15,3 km, while the North Bypass, that intersects the A-4 motorway (Turin-Trieste), is 8 km from the estate.


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Turin – Former Tobacco Factory Floorplan