Cavallino Treporti (Venice) – Old Fort

The fort is a complex of pre-nineteenth century military buildings with an appurtenant area, bordered by a brick boundary wall and by a moat connected with the Venetian Lagoon.
It is made of a small fort which is the main building, with two levels above ground and a tower, and another eleven small military constructions scattered inside the fortification perimeter.



Property types
Other types, Historical building, Free-standing building
Permitted uses
Other Functions
Land area (m²)
11,594 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Total GLA
Year of construction
State of maintenance and repair
To be refurbished/valorized
Occupation status

The fort is accessible by a passage without gate leading to the area behind the small fort, and by a passage leading to its court. Both entries are situated to the north-west of the fort.

The compound is included in the area A1 (areas of historical and landscape interest) in accordance with article 61 of the ITS, and in dismissed military areas in accordance with article 32 of the ITS. The buildings are identified as military artifacts in accordance with article 32 of the ITS and are protected in accordance with articles 8-30-31 of the ITS.
Pursuant to municipal decision n. 43 dated 23/07/2013, the fort is identified as dismissed military facility and any intended use is permitted, subject to the belonging area.

Cavallino Treporti is a peninsula separating the northern part of the Venetian lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. It can be reached both by land and by sea.  The old town of Venice is about 10 kilometres away.

The area was thriving, especially in the Early Middle Ages. The main historical buildings are characterized by military constructions like barracks, fortifications, forts, towers etc. Within the municipality it is possible to drive and to move around with public transport. There is also a very functional, recent infrastructure for the bike and pedestrian mobility. The nearest airport is the Marco Polo Venice airport, at about 50 kilometres.

The nearest highway is the A57 at about 60 kilometres, and can be reached by the provincial road SP42, the regional road SR43 and the State road SS14. The Old Fort is accessible by Via Lungomare San Felice and is located in front of the Canal Pordelio, about two kilometres away from the Terminal of Punta Sabbioni, from which all the connections to Venice depart.

A – Small fort – main three-storey building – sub-parcels 2/p and 8
3015 m²
B - Warehouse – sub-parcel 2/p
31 m²
C - Warehouse – sub-parcel 2/p
46 m²
D – Pillbox facing the lagoon – sub-parcel 4
134 m²
E – Residential building - sub-parcel 2/p
110 m²
F – Central pillbox – sub-parcel 5
401 m²
G - Warehouse – sub-parcel 3
202 m²
H – Residential buildings – sub-parcel 2/p
210 m²
I – Three-storey residential building – sub-parcel 7
156 m²
L – South caponier ground floor and basement – sub-parcel 9
301 m²
M – North caponier ground floor – sub-parcel 10
301 m²
N - Warehouse – sub-parcel 2/p
55 m²
O - Artifact – sub-parcel 6
90 m²
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Cavallino Treporti (Venice) – Old Fort Floorplan