Real estate property in Italy

Posted: 30 May 2017

An updated photograph of real estate in Italy is represented by the Sixth Report published by the Revenue Agency which reports the data collected for the year 2014.

About 20 million households own the house they live in, with a geographic breakdown pointing to the south and the islands a percentage of 82.9%, followed by the north with 75.3%, and finally 73 , 9% in central Italy.

The average value of housing is 170 thousand euros (about 1450 euros / m2), which is down 2.4% compared to 2013.

Apartment owners are over 25.7 million, divided by employees and retirees and account for 81.7%; The tenants, on the other hand, are 4.7 mln.

62.9% of the properties are used as the main dwelling, while 17.9% are second homes and 8.8% of the housing stock is leased. A further 2.8% is the free home for a family member.

Women owning homes are about 886,000 less than men, but the value of their homes is greater, despite the taxable income being significantly lower. On the other hand, they are the unmarried children, which represent 76.6% of the total. Finally, owners with less than 35 years of age represent 9% of the population, those over 65 years of age are 32.6%, while those aged between 35 and 65 are 58.4%.


Source: Patrimonio Pubblico Italia website (www.patrimoniopubblicoitalia.it)