Tax credit to the benefit of restructuring “historical” cinemas

Posted: 28 June 2016

It has been  granted a tax credit – for both 2016- 2015, to the benefit of companies that want to restore, adapt structurally and technologically cinemas “historical” (that is, existing at least from 1 January 1980).

Provisions are contained in  Article 6, paragraph 2-bis, of the decree “Artbonus” (Decree-Law of 31 May 2014, n. 83, converted with amendments by Law 29 July 2014, n. 106), to the benefit ofcinema exhibition companies on the list indicated in Article 3 of legislative decree 22 January 2004 n. 28, which meet the requirements of small and medium enterprise in accordance with European Union legislation.

The credit is recognized to the extent of 30 per cent of the costs incurred.

For use in offsetting the tax credit the Revenue Agency has set up the tax code, in order to apply the relief system.