Sale of Italian public assest: more than 5 billion of Euro in the last 5 years

Posted: 6 May 2016

As at December 31st 2015, the public assets managed by the State Property Agency are 45,397 for a total value of over 59 billion Euros (85% for government use, 5% historical-artistic state property, 6% unavailable heritage, 4% available assets). This is what emerged regarding the results of the Agency in 2015.
The public real estate showed a trend that marks an increase in its overall value compared to a substantial decrease in the number of assets it is comprised of, with a view to progressive portfolio optimization, therefore less real estate, but  more   valuable. This is also thanks to the effectiveness of the on-going rationalization process, to the sales and to the conveyance of assets to local authorities by means of the federal state property procedure.
From 2011 to 2015, sales of state assets reached 568 million euros through ordinary and extraordinary operations, with a strong increase in 2013-2014 as a result of operations conducted with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Deposits and Loans Fund – CDP”. Over the five years, , sales of other Public Authority assets have been added for 4,667 million euros.
In the last year, the federal state property has seen a strong acceleration in the transition of assets to the local Authorities, now covering approximately 60% of the required conveyances, for a total value of 886.6 million euros. Regarding cultural  state property federalism, thus the conveyance of assets of historical and artistic interest, 67 properties for an approximate  value of 367.2 million euros had been transferred as at 31 December 2015.
Source:  State Property Agency website