La Spezia (SP) – Montepertico 2, building area

Building area located in Montepertico in the Felettino district, peripheral area and located in a building context mainly for residential use. The area is made up of more land currently uncultivated and invaded by spontaneous vegetation, already partially in the construction set up phase and delimited by a plasticised net. The entire area is affected by a design solution contained within the S.U.A approved by the Municipality, characterised by two different lots (lot A and lot B). In lot B it is possible to carry out construction works for a total of 90 apartments with several parking spaces, and 90 car boxes with 18 uncovered parking spaces, the remaining part is to be used for public green areas, after urban planning calculations.

Via Buonviaggio - La Spezia (SP)


Property types
Buildable area
Land area (m²)
2,154,700 m²
Total GIA (m²)
State of maintenance and repair
To be refurbished
Occupation status

The predominant building intervention is concentrated in LOT A and is aimed at completing the building and urban planning forecasts contained in the S.U.A as a variant of P.I.P. Oriente S.p.a.

The plan was partially implemented in an initial construction phase and has resulted in the construction of about half of the useful residential area (Montepertico 1), while most of the public urban planning arrangements have not been implemented.

The design intervention includes the construction of three residential blocks named B1, B2 and D2, distinguished by a total useful surface of 6,986.00 square metres.

As part of the intervention, private underground car parks will be built to meet the minimum required surface areas.

All together will be realised about 240.00 square metres covered parking spaces within the volume of the B2 and D2 buildings, in addition to approximately 1,103.00 square metres of garages in the three buildings making up the complex.

The complete implementation of the plan involves the completion of all public works through the creation of equipped green areas, public parking areas and services on Via Buonviaggio.

The construction work described above has been authorised by the City of La Spezia by Building Permit n. 1629 of 28.11.2012 – Application for planning permission 25.770/2012.

Location Montepertico, peripheral area and located in a building context mainly for residential use, where most of the buildings were built after the 90s of the last century.

You can reach “Montepertico” thanks to the connection of the main road called “di BuonViaggio”, a major transit artery to and from the city centre (on which important works are being carried out to create junction arteries to direct vehicular traffic) as well as being a link with the neighbouring municipalities of Follo, Bolano and Calice al Cornoviglio

At the base of the district lies the train station of La Spezia Migliarina, reachable through the district of the same name. The town is well served by an urban public transport line, which connects the district to the central Piazza Verdi (a square near the Town Hall, the Government Palace and the main services of the City).

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