Caravaggio (BG) – Former “Casa del Fascio”

Former Casa Littoria" or "House of the dissolved fighting fascist of Caravaggio", this building was conceived by the fascist regime as a space dedicated to the government of the territory. It was built in stately and rationalist forms by the architect Alziro Bergonzo of Bergamo between 1935 and 1937 and it is today of outstanding historical and architectural importance.
The complex has a majestic peristyle where political events happened. After the war, in order to reconvert it into a residential building, its structure was modified with a raised ground floor, staircases and dividing walls.
Nevertheless, it still presents itself in its imposing architecture in order to be adequately enhanced.

Via Amilcare Bietti, 50 - 24043 Caravaggio (BG)


Property types
Historical building, Free-standing building
Permitted uses
Commercial, Residential, Hotel and leisure
Land area (m²)
4,975 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Total GLA
Year of construction
State of maintenance and repair
To be refurbished/valorized
Occupation status

The complex consists of a building erected in 1936, with a supporting structure in beams and pillars. The facades are clad partially with exposed bricks and partially with rustic plaster on which stands out the frieze of the fascist eagle. Giant arches and trabeations act as a filter between the external urban spaces and the interior.

The building has an L-shaped plan with three levels above ground for a total gross floor area of about 1.231 sqm and a cubage of about 4.730 cum. It also has a wide shrine-terrace in concrete, with a monumental open peristyle of about 800 sqm and a wide appurtenant area of about 3.500 sqm, partially with overgrown vegetation and partially unpaved.

The entrance is on the raised floor on the back side of the building or from the parvis.

As far as the urban destination is concerned, the compound rises up on an area classified as B1 “residential containment area”, according to article 22 of the Implementing Technical Standards of the Urban Development Plan, i.e. “recovery zones” according to Law n.457/78.

The complex is in the town of Caravaggio, in the plains around the city of Bergamo, at about 27 km from it and about 43 km from Milan. Caravaggio also includes two hamlets, named Masano and Vidalengo, and some smaller rural settlements. It is well connected by the main roads Padana Superiore and Rivoltana and by the railway lines Milan-Venice and Milan-Crema.

The landscape in and around the municipality is a typical plain location, stud with troughs, ditches and irrigation canals. The town is known as “Town of the Sanctuary” due to the famous Marian sanctuary named Santa Maria del Fonte, dedicated to the worship of Saint Mary, that attracts many tourists and pilgrims every year.

The estate is in a semi-central area, in the immediate vicinity of the intersection between the provincial road that connects the town of Caravaggio to Treviglio and the tree-lined avenue that leads to the Sanctuary. It is located in a predominantly residential area, not far from the city center and the “Arco di Porta Nuova”, a monumental eighteenth-century arch that adorns one of the gateways to the old town.

Shrine – Raised ground floor
Raised ground floor
Raised ground floor
Terrace – first floor
First floor
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Attestazione urbanistica


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Caravaggio (BG) – Former “Casa del Fascio” Floorplan