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Reiventing Cities – C40

The Project

Reinventing Cities, a global architecture and urban design competition, is a project of C40, the worldwide network of approximately one hundred mayors committed to fighting the climate crisis, in which the Agenzia del Demanio, the Italian Public Property Agency, participates for the first time. The competition addresses the need for a new model of city design, in line with the principles of sustainability, resilience and inclusiveness.

The assets involved are 6 in 5 Italian cities. Bologna – “Ex Caserma Perotti“: The proposed transformation regards a section of the former ‘G. Perotti’ military barracks area, situated in the eastern outskirts of Bologna nearby the ring road and motorway junction; Milan – Former School Via Zama: The proposed transformation concerns two buildings initially designed as primary school and gymnasium, along with a nearby open area, located in the southeastern district of Milan; Palermo – Former Industrial Park “Chimica Arenella“: The proposed transformation concerns the area of the former Arenella Chemical site, a unique and significant example of historical industrial architecture, located in the Arenella – Vergine Maria district in Palermo; Rome – Fascist Party Branch Office of Settecamini: The proposed transformation concerns a building dating back to the 1930s the ‘Casa del Fascio’ (the ‘Fascio House’), located in the eastern part of the city; Venice – Former S. Andrea Fort: The proposed transformation concerns the Sant’Andrea Forte, a massive fortress of approximately 25 hectares built in the mid-16th century and located on the island with the same name in the Venetian lagoon; Venice – “Casa Madonna di Nicopeja”: The proposed transformation concerns Casa Madonna Nicopeja, a complex situated in the Venice lagoon within a beautiful setting of great landscape significance.

These are underutilized assets that are all ready to be enhanced through zero-emission urban regeneration and transformation projects, including in public-private partnerships.


Useful information

To view the videos on the C40 Project: The Italian Public Property Agency – Reiveting Cities.(available only in Italian)