The two compendiums, Faro di Razzoli and Station of Vedetta Marginetto, are respectively situated on the Island Rizzoli and La Maddalena, and the Municipality of La Maddalena, on the same archipelago. The properties will be re-qualified according to a model of touristic and cultural valorization, mainly tied to sustainable tourism themes, trying to discover the territory and searching for the safeguarding of landscapes, even with the coexistence of public use, intended as public utility. The property will remain among the properties of the Sardinia Region and will be given in concession to third parties for recovery and valorization.

Isola di Razzoli - isola di La Maddalena, snc - 07024 La Maddalena (SS)


Property types
Other types, Historical building
Permitted uses
Hotel and leisure
Land area (m²)
11,303 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Year of construction
The old lighthouse of Razzoli was constructed in 1843 – The lookout station of Marginetto was realized in the first half of the 20th century.
State of maintenance and repair
To be refurbished
Occupation status
Risk profile

The old lighthouse of Razzoli, situated on the island with the same name, was realized in 1843 and activated in 1845.The building presents a plan of rectangular shape, articulated on three levels above the ground, as well as an overlooking tower that once hosted the signaling system. The distribution of internal spaces comes to be through a symmetric table, whose central connection element is made up of a helicoidal stairway.
The lookout station of Marginetto, instead situated on the mother island of La Maddalena, was realized in the first half of the 20th century and put into disuse in the year 2000. The entire complex of Marginetto is made up of three buildings: a lookout station with a circular shape, in reinforced cement, a barrack with a rectangular shape with roof with two vaults and housing that presents similar characters with reduced dimensions.
The area on which the property comes to be is subject to landscape and environmental restrictions, while the lighthouse, declared of cultural and historical interest, according to Legislative Decree 42/2004, is subject to the dispositions of Part 2 of the same Decree. The Municipality of La Maddalena is formally committed to approve the variation to the urban tool in force, for the activation of the requalification of the property.

The two properties are situated in the territory of the Municipality of La Maddalena (11,233 inhabitants), in the province of Sassari (492,642 inhabitants). The lighthouse Razzoli comes to be on the top of the island with the same name, dominating the green sea, while the lookout station of Marginetto, is on the northern part of the mother island, in a high position so as to dominate the long strait of the sea of Bocche di Bonifacio.
The archipelago of La Maddalena, made up of seven main islands and many smaller islands, is the extreme point of Northern Sardinia where the uncontaminated nature, the intense perfumes of the Mediterranean Scrub and the deep blue sea with infinite transparencies form a combination of unique beauty. The airport of Olbia-Costa Smeralda (17th Italian airport with 3 million passengers in 2018) is about 50 km away, while the port of Olbia is about 50 km away.

Body A - Razzoli Lighthouse - Basement
290 sq.m.
Body A - Razzoli Lighthouse - First floor
276 sq.m.
Body A - Razzoli Lighthouse - Second floor
276 sq.m.
Body A - Razzoli Lighthouse - Third floor
85 sq.m.
Body A - Station Marginetto - Basement
163 sq.m.
Body B - Housing Marginetto - Basement
71 sq.m.
Body C - Lookout Marginetto - Basement
16 sq.m.


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