Milano – Rogoredo

The area is located in the south-east urban sector, delineated by the former railway station and Via Toffetti. The north of
the area sees another area of transformation: Atu Toffetti. The position is barycentric to the railway stations of “Milano Rogoredo” and the subway station of “Porto di Mare”.


Property types
Areas in transformation
Land area (m²)
153,550 m²
Risk profile

The area under transformation is about 21,150 sqm. It hosted the now disused yard of Milano Rogoredo. A short distance away there is the station of Milano Rogoredo that allows connections through the HS and regional railway lines, as well as urban and intercity buses. The area is close to the important transformation interventionn in the production/residential sector: Milano Santa Giulia. The area is 5 km from the Duomo, easily reachable in 7 stops by metro M3. Moreover, using the same line it is possible to reach the Central Station in 11 stops.

The areas for development are located in the City of Milan (1,337,155 inhabitants), capital of the Province of Milan (3,196,25 inhabitants) and regional capital of Lombardy (10,002,615 inhabitants), Italy’s second city by population after Rome. The schemes all fall within the boundaries of the Milano-Greco, Milano-Lambrate and Milano-Rogoredo railway stations.

The Greco scheme is situated near the campus of Milano-Bicocca University (the city’s second largest university with 32,000 enrolled students), in the north-east of the city. The area is experiencing major expansion. Nearby is Milano-Greco Pirelli railway station, mainly transited by commuter trains from Milan province, and metro line 5 (Bicocca). Metro line 1 stops 800 m away (Monza).
The Milano-Lambrate area also falls within the boundary of the railway station and is located in the eastern section of the city in the Lambrate district. Trains to and from Bologna and Milano Centrale stop here, along with regional and inter-regional trains to and from Parma and Piacenza. The area is well served by public road transport and the metro, with metro line 2 stopping within the station area. Good road access is ensured by its proximity to the Milan Tangenziale Est ring road (E51), exit 7 (Rubattino) and exit (Lambrate). Linate airport is 5 km away.
The final project is near Milano-Rogoredo high-speed railway station, transited by local and commuter trains. The area has excellent road access to the A1 Milano-Napoli (Milano-Roma) motorway via the Milan Tangenziale Est (E51). The district is well by public road transport and the metro, with metro line 3 stopping at Rogoredo and nearby Porto di Mare.


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