Sant’Angelo di Lomellina (PV) – Former Warehouse

The warehouse was constructed in the 50’s and abandoned in the 90’s, and was used to dry and store rice. The site consists of a warehouse, a rice drying area and the custodian’s apartment, and it’s in a poor condition. Its expected use, outlined by current urban redevelopment, is industrial but this could be modified.

Via Dottor Mazzini, 1 - 27030 Sant'Angelo Lomellina (PV)


Property types
Other types
Permitted uses
Land area (m²)
10,195 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Number of units
The site is certified by the territory’s Agency – NCEU – as a single unit, but it can be easily divided into smaller units if necessary.
Contracts and limitations


Year of construction
State of maintenance and repair
To be refurbished/valorized
Occupation status

The property is made up of a warehouse which covers a surface area of 1.940 m² with lateral platforms, a vaulted gallery of 561 m², a front porch of 525 m², a covering canopy of 230 m², a drying storehouse of 160 m² with a lateral porch of 635 m², as well as a building used as the custodian’s apartment of 233 m². It also has external courtyards of 5.911 m². The warehouse is constructed with cement and bricks, with an arched roof supported by metal beams, and the two spans are connected by a covered corridor. The roof, which has partially collapsed and has been dismantled, is made in non-ecological asbestos. The drying warehouse is constructed with cement and bricks with a tiled roof supported by wooden beams, partially collapsed, and there are still some of the machines that were used in the drying process. The apartment has two floors. The general condition of the site is poor and it’s cluttered with objects which have to be disposed of. It’s located in an industrial area but due to the fact that it is close to the town could permit its modification of use.

The site is on the outskirts of Sant’Angelo di Lomellina (pop. 821), in the province of Pavia (pop. 547.926), in the industrial zone of the town, where the main productive activity is rice cultivation, with industrial warehouses that store plastic materials and chemical products. It’s located on Via Dottor Mazzini, SS-596 “dei Cairoli” that connects Pavia to Vercelli, which are respectively 50 and 22 km away. Mortara’s Integrated Logistics Park (that covers a surface of 600.000 m², 300.000 m² of logistical and directional warehouses) is 6,5 km away. The “Vercelli Est” toll-booth on the A-26 motorway (“dei Trafori”), that connects Genoa to Switzerland, is 27 km from the estate and intersects with the A-4 motorway (Turin-Trieste) after 11 km.


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Sant’Angelo di Lomellina (PV) – Former Warehouse Floorplan