Firenze Porta al Prato – area for redevelopment

Area for mixed-use development - residential, retail, services and hotel facilities - situated near the centre of Florence's old town in the Porta al Prato district. The redevelopment scheme is one of the most important to be carried out in this area that is already home to the Florence Teatro dell’Opera and the Leopolda Station centre for cultural, musical and exhibition events serving the entire city.

Via Giovanni Michelucci - Firenze (FI)


Property types
Buildable area
Permitted uses
Commercial, Office, Residential, Hotel and leisure
Land area (m²)
80,000 m²
Total GIA (m²)
Risk profile

The area is located within the boundaries of the former Officine Grandi Riparazioni property and is one of Florence’s most important regeneration projects. The site has already seen the construction of the Nuovo Teatro dell’Opera, designed by architect Paolo Desideri, near Leopolda Station exhibition centre. The planned use for this area, as set out in the recovery plan, just a short distance from Santa Maria Novella railway station and from the city centre, make this scheme an extremely attractive one. Residential buildings (32,400 m²), tourist accommodation (8,100 m²), retail space (4,860 m²), office space and student facilities (8,640 m²) will be integrated into the surrounding urban fabric, to give life to a new sustainable city district. Green spaces, cycle paths, pedestrian routes, public squares and the proximity of Parco delle Cascine will make this area an extremely attractive social, cultural and musical meeting spot for the entire city.

The area for redevelopment is situated in a semi-central area of the City of Florence (381,037 inhabitants). Capital of the Province of Florence and regional capital of Tuscany, the city is one of the most visited tourist sites in the world. The property is close to Parco delle Cascine, opposite the racecourse and a short distance from Santa Maria Novella railway station, the city’s historic old town and the River Arno. A radical transformation of the entire area will help to link two parts of the city currently that are separated by the disused property. The facelift will involve improving the road network, redeveloping the railway station, converting railway tracks to make way for tram lines, new green spaces, and cycle and pedestrian paths. This regeneration scheme is extremely attractive, thanks to its excellent location with extremely easy access by private transport, the vicinity of Parco delle Cascine, the city’s green lung and a favourite meeting spot for Florentines, and the proximity of the River Arno and the old town.


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Firenze Porta al Prato – area for redevelopment Floorplan