Real estate complex, known as Silos granari Hennebique, situated in the municipality of Genoa, in a strategic position next to the Maritime Terminal, main embarking point for cruise and ferry in the port of Genoa and the Railway station of Piazza Principe. The building, constructed at the beginning of the 1900s, is considered one of the most complicated in reinforced concrete of the 20th century. The redevelopment initiative, thanks to its location and its possible uses, represent on of the most interesting opportunities in the city.

Calata Santa Limbania Via Dè Cesare Imperiale - 16126 Genova (GE)


Property type
Commercial, Office, Historical building, Residential, Hotel and leisure
Land area (m²)
45,000 m²
Total GIA (m²)

Public tender for the concession of the asset by the "Authority of the Port System of Western Ligurian Sea - Port of Genoa" starting from 2019 for 50 years maximum

Year of construction
State of maintenance and repair
To be refurbished
Occupation status
Risk profile

Real estate complex of notable historical interest known as “Hennebique”, planned y the Engineers A.Carissimo, G.i Crotti and G.B. de Cristoforis, in collaboration with the Studio Hennebique from Brussels, at the end of the 1800s and inaugurated in 1901. Built as a structure for warehousing, filling, aeration and grain division centre for trains it is on a rectangular plan 210 m. long per 40 m. wide and is divided on five floors above the ground of 9,000 m² surface each. Built on a structure of reinforced plaster, according to the Hennebique system, a base of strong foundations with back nerves, for a better distribution of weights, realized with strong ceilings able to carry superior weight in movement. The building, unused since the 80s, can today be re-functionalized by adding to its uses in line with its current historical, cultural and technical characteristics, the excellent functions settled within the porto antico, so as to make it become a centre of general interest dedicated to cruises, tourism and urban activities. A General agreement was signed between local authorities, finalized for the evaluation of the conditions for the conservation and the protection, as well as the possibility of intervention for the redevelopment of the historical building “Hennebique” and the surrounding areas.

The building Hennebique is situated in strategic position in the central zone of the city of Genoa (583,601 inhabitants), within the Metropolitan area of Genoa (850,071), in the Liguria Region. The property is located next to the Maritime Terminal, main embarking point for cruise and ferry traffic and the Railway station of Piazza Principe, that guarantees connections with the cities of Savona, La Spezia, Livorno,Turin, Milan, Rome, one of the Italian railway stations with the highest number of passengers (24 million transits per year). The area has an underground service, with stops on diverse touristic, cultural and commercial points of the city, and by diverse bus lines. The building is a central element of the pedestrian and bicycle path that goes along the entire arch of the historical port and represents a completion of the design of the former port arch within the sea and the historical centre, characterized by urban functions. Near the property it is possible to find, the Porto Antico area, touristic centre of the city, Galata – Maritime Museum, the university and Villa del Principe. From the Hennebique area, it is easy to reach the medieval historical centre and the system of the Rolli palaces- Heritage of Humanity for UNESCO since 2006.


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